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Working with Paul at PGSTRONG helped me realise how much impact my body and my fitness level had on my golf game.
Mark Brown
Winner on the European Australasian and Asian Tours
Paul Greenwood has helped me achieve and maintain my own fitness goals plus also helped my elite players achieve there strength and fitness goals. Don't let the smile and caring manor deceive you, PGSTRONG has this ability to set a programme that fits your life style, then will help you achieve it.
Paul Greenwood is contracted by the Professionals Golfers Association of New Zealand to deliver Physiology education to our PGA trainees. We recognise Paul as an Industry leader in the field of strength and conditioning, he is professional, enthusiastic and has a real passion for helping people. Paul’s specific golf knowledge and attention to detail make him unique in our industry.
Paul has been a provider to both New Zealand Golf and the PGA of New Zealand programmes for a number of years, and thats because he know his stuff! He has a relaxed easy style that engages people and his knowledge and experience comes through in his delivery. I can confidently recommend Paul as a leading provider of golf specific programmes to help improve your performance.
Gregg Thorpe
NZ Golf High Performance Manager
PGStrong's dedication to health and golf fitness is infectious, coupled with his extensive knowledge and understanding of golf I'm more than confident I am getting the work ethic and advice I need to compete at the highest level.
I have worked out with Paul at PGStrong for longer than I care to remember. No I am not a pro golfer nor do I treat or train any. I am just an ordinary bloke who wants to keep fit, flexible and strong enough to get my way around a golf course without doing myself any permanent damage. Paul is not only a great trainer for when you need that little extra, he is also a more than capable trainer for those of us that sometimes need the care and attention necessary for successful rehab. As a Gooner I have to forgive the fact that he supports Man U but then not everyone is perfect.
Len Ward
Lawyer, Professional Director and all around good guy
Paul Greenwood has made a huge impact since the beginning of my golf development. At first, I didn’t understood the importance of training in the gym until I started working with PG. Training with PG has enhanced my performance not only physically but mentally as well. He is the best trainer I have worked with and I truly believe this because he has helped me achieved the best of my ability. #PGStrong 💪
I’ve never really been a strong fit person. Paul’s training and and programme has helped me a lot in my game. His passion and motivation in fitness is what pushes me to getting stronger and also healthier.
Munchin Keh
Women’s professional - Multiple Charles tour winner
As an elderly duffer who nevertheless enjoys his golf for the scenery, for having the wind blow the cobwebs away, and for friendships I would not have been able to continue playing if Paul hadn't been available. He is very knowledgeable about the important aspects of golf training for the young, for the aspiring professionals and also for the older age group and has opened up for me the prospect of playing on into my nineties at the present rate of progress. He is a steady taskmaster without being harsh and communicates with my golf coach in order to tailor the tasks he sets to my particular needs. I would warmly recommend him to anyone whose golf was threatened by the musculoskeletal problems associated with aging.
PGStrong brings a wealth of knowledge and energy to my training that I can simply no longer go without. Working with Pauly for the last 3 years I have seen massive improvement in stability, mobility and strength which has been reflected positively in performance on course. His dedication to improvement for both athlete and coach is exactly what I’m looking for.

Kieran Muir
Australian PGA Tour

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