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Once you purchase the 12 Week Customized program you will receive an email with instructions of how to download the free App on I Tunes and Google Play. You will also be given a username and password so you can watch the instructional videos on how to complete the virtual screen and consultation form.

Virtual Screen

In order for us to design a customised program, we need to see how you move physically. You’re body has a huge influence on how you swing the club, so getting to know this better is the key to designing a program that will help you maximize your swing potential! Simply record yourselves perform 9 basic movements that you follow along too on the app.

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Consultation Form

Not only do we need to know how you’re body moves but also what goasl you want to achieve with golf fitness, injuries you have had, exercise experience, and whether you are looking for a home program, gym program or both! Completing the consultation will take you no more than 5 minutes but will give us some vital information to make sure you have a program that meets your expectations and preferences.

Customised Program

After you have competed the screen and consultation we will take 72 hours to put  together your fully customized program that will consist of a minimum of  2 different routines for you to perform each week, a golf specific warm up routine and an evening stretch routine. All delivered through the App with full video demonstrations.

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6 Week Progression Update

After 6 weeks we will add some different exercises to the routine to make sure you are progressing and staying motivated for the remaining 6 weeks.

12 Week Re-assessment

On week 12 we will get you to resubmit the virtual screen and see how well you are  moving after 12 weeks of exercise and give you a quick overview of how you have progressed and recommendations as to what the next stage of training should consist of.

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